Queen City: Volume Two

Ketch Harbour Wolves QUEEN CITY : VOLUME TWO



Ketch Harbour Wolves released their album “Queen City: Volume Two” on Tuesday July 21 2015 via Dead Calm Records in Canada and Internationally.

Queen City: Volume Two finds the Toronto band entrenched in the somber mythology of their home city. The album, written and recorded by Ketch Harbour Wolves in Toronto, Ontario, CANADA, is the second instalment in the Queen City series and marks the band’s third full-length release. Queen City: Volume Two explores Toronto’s past, present and future in a baroque-indie-rock map of songs. Thematically the album stretches along the belly of the Queen City from the Toronto Islands to the underground rivers of Niagara Street, into the heart of Nathan Philips Square, through the city’s Victorian neighbourhoods and the towers of St. Jamestown, coming to rest with the mysteries of the Don Valley and the Toronto Necropolis.

Dead Calm Records DCR005
Release Date July 21 2015

1. Diving White Horses (2:36)
2. Queen City Believes You (3:20)
3. Niagara Street (3:29)
4. Civil Elegies (3:53)
5. Millicent Street (3:12)
6. Sister (4:53)
7. Sibelius Park (4:59)
8. Amber (3:42)

Total album run time: 30:11

Recorded by Ketch Harbour Wolves at Winona Sound, Toronto, Ontario CANADA
Additional synthesizer on Queen City Believes You by Kristjan Bergey
Cello on Civil Elegies & Sibelius Park by Shane Neill
Mixed by Jonathan Tyrrell at Winona Sound, Toronto, Ontario CANADA
Mastered by Harris Newman at Grey Market Mastering, Montreal, Quebec CANADA
All Songs Written & Performed by Ketch Harbour Wolves
Lyrics by Jonathan Tyrrell
Album design & layout by Liam Brown