Monthly Archives: April 2010

Listen to new KHW songs for FREE!

As of right now you can listen to 6 new tracks from Anachronisms on Myspace, and even on Facebook! That’s half of the new album! Now get listening – you’ll want to sing along on Saturday, May 8 at the Horseshoe Tavern! There will be 200 Limited Edition pre-release copies of Anachronisms at the show – […]

New Album “Pre-Release” Show – Fan Exclusive!

We just found out that half of our mailing list hasn’t received an email since January (thanks for the screw-job, Google). We apologize if you haven’t heard from us in a while; everything’s good now. We’re just happy you’re back. The new Ketch Harbour Wolves album is complete. Anachronisms. 12 new tracks. To celebrate we’ve planned […]